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Plan Visually.

Visual Planning for Teams.

Visual planning on a timeline gives you a wider understanding of the work and ability to allocate your resources efficiently.

The tool gives you a better understanding of your deadlines, what your team members are up to and whether or not someone needs a hand.

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Manage People and Time.

Easy and Effortless.

  1. Create tasks super fast
  2. Simply drag and drop to modify
  3. See who’s booked and who’s available
  4. Filter your calendar by projects
  5. Set public holidays
  6. Create task folders ​and​ plan ahead
  7. Drag and drop the tasks onto your timeline
  8. Stay synced with tracking tools
  9. Share your calendar with a quick link
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Take the Right Action.

Build a Super Team.

Keep people busy, know when someone’s over or underwhelmed and react fast to your team’s needs.

When the effort on planning and routine communication is minimised, the focus can be set entirely on creativity instead. And you’re free to create magic.

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Low Threshold.

Manage Your Clients’ Expectations.

Teamweek is clear and straightforward. Therefore, there’s little effort to be put into getting your team on board.

Share up-to-date project timelines with your most demanding clients. So they can look up the state of the project anytime.

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