Teamweek is perfect for those collaborating on time-sensitive projects,
which require a step-by-step approach.
Teamweek takes scheduling tasks a step further by creating Gantt charts to
see how long each task will take and who is responsible for what.

Think of it as
Team Planning 2.0

Teamweek is an online project planning software with a team calendar. As a kinder, gentler version of Gantt charts, it helps managers respond to change faster with a drag and drop simplicity. It’s free for teams of five or fewer.

Get the big picture
of your team

Teamweek provides a visual, big-picture look at who’s working on what in real time. Spot who’s available and schedule upcoming projects for both the short- and long term. It's easy to move items around with a couple of clicks on the online Gantt chart (or as we like to call it – Timeline).

Use it on any device

Teamweek is fully operable on tablets. Build or rearrange your team's calendar on the web or your tablet and use the public view link to put Teamweek on an office TV.