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New Feature: Custom Colors Are Here

You’ve always been able to color code your tasks, projects, and milestones in Teamweek, but now you can take that customization one step further with our new color customization feature. That’s right, color customization is now available for all premium accounts! (Don’t have a Teamweek premium account yet? Sign up for a free trial here.)

Many of you have asked us to add more colors to the predefined color palette, and a few of you have asked for the ability to customize the colors. Now you can do both with our new custom color picker. This easy-to-use feature allows you to brand your timeline with company colors or simply go beyond the limited preset color options.

How to Use the Custom Colors

To customize the colors on your timeline, simply click on the “Custom” tab to pull up the color picker. Use the slider to select a color or enter a hex code in the box to use your brand colors. Click “Set” and “Save” and you’re done.


Color code your projects to match your branding.

Teamweek already helps your company stay organized, and now you can stay organized in style. In the projects or task tab, simply assign each project or task one of your brand colors. Your timeline will beautifully match your company branding.

Teamweek custom colors
Teamweek’s marketing team keeps it classy with branded colors for all projects.

Make milestones pop with brighter colors.

If your milestones are getting lost in the shuffle, try using bold, bright custom colors to make them stand out more. We like using neon purple (hex code: 6E0DD0), bright red (hex code: B0241C), and hot pink (hex code: FF0099). You can also coordinate your deadlines and milestones by project. Use the same custom color for a project and the associated milestones to help your teams stay on track.

Teamweek custom colors
The GDPR deadline is front and center on our timeline now that we’ve custom colored it bold red.

Have questions about the new custom color feature? Please write to and we are happy to help!

It’s so much easier to plan & estimate with a small team when I can see everyone & all projects at once.

–– Darren | We Three

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