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When working with teams, schedule optimization is an important ingredient for success. You may have the best team on board, but if team members are not available to perform time-sensitive tasks or their schedules aren't maximized for productivity, you're wasting precious resources. The solution? An easy-to-use team calendar like Teamweek that you can get free for small teams, nonprofits, and educational institutions.

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Your Team's Tasks and Schedules in One Place

With Teamweek, you can say goodbye to several different personal calendars, clunky Excel timesheets, or old-school post-its to consolidate everyone's schedules. Teamweek gives you a central calendar to plot your team projects, schedules, and tasks. It's cloud-based so access is 24/7, wherever you are in the world. For any changes to the calendar, just click on a task you need to edit, enter the new details, and Teamweek sends out automatic notifications on your behalf. If you need to reassign a task to another team member, simply drag and drop the task and you're done.

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Only Two Minutes to Get Started

Onboarding team members into the system is pain-free with Teamweek. No time-consuming, difficult-to-schedule training just so everyone knows how to work their way around it. In fact, two minutes is all users need to get set up. Administrators send out email invitations, and upon accepting, users can start setting their availability and plotting their personal schedules right away.

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Color-Coded Calendar for Easy Project Management

Teamweek allows you to visualize your team calendar on a timeline. Tasks are color-coded depending on the project they fall under. This means even at a glance, you know which tasks are related and which team members are working on the same project. Milestones can also be created and made publicly visible so everyone is aware of deadlines, holidays, events, and other important dates.

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Multiple Projects? No Problem!

Teamweek has the tools to help you manage multiple projects. You can add as many projects and workspaces as you need. You can also edit, delete, and archive projects as necessary. The Projects View, which is a premium feature, allows teams to better understand a project's roadmap through powerful filtering options. You can even customize your view settings by project or multiple projects.

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It's the perfect balance of simple and detailed that matches our workflow exactly.
Abel, BannerBoy
We love Teamweek so much. Wish we could have known it sooner!
Phuong, Quo Global
Easy, simple, doing just what we need!
Remi, Telepage
Perfect to follow up how your dreams come true!
Emilia, Teamweek user
The only Calendar app to work so well with Trello!
Mette, Teamweek user
Thank you for making such a simple user interface! This is just what we need.
Lieve, Alpha Studios
I love your tool, its UX is exactly what I need.
Christen, Cape
I love Teamweek because it brings clarity to our every day agency life.
Enrico Sanchez | Project Manager @Fraktal

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