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Teamweek is a free online calendar planner for project managers, event planners, HR managers, and whoever needs a more visual calendar planner. Our straightforward interface and easy to use platform are by far what sets us apart from other online calendar planners.

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Integrations for better planning

If you already use other management and planning tools for scheduling or planning and you don't want to manually add your events to your online calendar planner, Teamweek is integrated with tools like Google Calendar, Jira, Trello, Slack and other.

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Share your calendar with your team and clients

Teamweek is not your average online calendar planner. Adding your employees or colleagues to Teamweek will allow you to always know what's in the pipeline, set deadlines, and add notes. You can also keep your clients in the loop by sharing a view only version of your calendar.

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Online calendar planner on the go

If you are on the go, and you want to add a task or an appointment to your timeline, you can easily do it on Teamweek's mobile app or on your mobile browser. Teamweek is perfectly optimized for the mobile users so you won't miss a thing!

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