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Timelines are incredibly powerful visual tools and can significantly enhance the life of project managers. Teamweekis a free project timeline visualization tool that is packed with great features like drag and drop, color-coded system and powerful filters to help you get all the information you need at a single glance.

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Color-Coded Free Project Timeline Visualization Tool

You eventually find yourself stuck working on multiple projects at a time? No problem! Teamweek ensures you know which goes with what through color codes. All related tasks are similarly colored, and even at a glance, you know which team members are working on the same projects, allowing you to quickly make data-driven adjustments to the timeline, if necessary.

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Easy to use

It's so easy to get started with Teamweek that you'll find yourself all set up and with the first task published in under two minutes. Using color-coded tasks on a timeline, Teamweek's visual resource planning feature lets you easily understand each consultant's schedule - who's fully booked, who's working with whom, and which appointments have already been scheduled. If you need to reschedule appointments or swap consultants for certain consultations, all you need to do is click, edit, drag, and drop.

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Free to use

Teamweek is a free project timeline visualization tool! If you happen to work in a small agency with up to 5 people or you spend your days working at a nonprofit organization trying to save our wonderful planet, you can start using our great tool for free, forever

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Plays nice with others

When we started Teamweek we wanted to create a tool that not only works great by itself but would actually be compatible with a large number of our favorite third-party applications that we've been used to. Teamweek will work great with Asana, Basecamp, Trello or Slack and to make things easier we've created a Chrome extension that you can use to speed up the import and setup process.

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It's the perfect balance of simple and detailed that matches our workflow exactly.
Abel, BannerBoy
We love Teamweek so much. Wish we could have known it sooner!
Phuong, Quo Global
Easy, simple, doing just what we need!
Remi, Telepage
Perfect to follow up how your dreams come true!
Emilia, Teamweek user
The only Calendar app to work so well with Trello!
Mette, Teamweek user
Thank you for making such a simple user interface! This is just what we need.
Lieve, Alpha Studios
I love your tool, its UX is exactly what I need.
Christen, Cape
I love Teamweek because it brings clarity to our every day agency life.
Enrico Sanchez | Project Manager @Fraktal

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