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Remote Work Handbook

Every successful remote team is different. Although based largely on the same core principles like efficiency, autonomy and trust, the way these principles are practiced varies, depending on the people in charge.

“Teamweek’s working culture can be summed up by 3 words: efficient, adaptable and kind. We have a team of highly-skilled individuals and so we are not afraid to move quickly and make mistakes along the way, that’s how we grow. We can trust each other to do our very best and offer help when needed.”
Annika Helendi | Former CEO

Our Way to Remote

In short, we make sure people can and do take ownership for their work. That demands initiative and openness, as well as measurability of their impact. Each of us works towards a specific numeric goal.

“The best and the most important for me is the freedom. It's giving me the feeling that I am responsible for what I do, the feeling of ownership.”
Jozef Matas | Designer and Product Lead

We started to hire for remote positions to access the larger talent pool. Without means to relocate every prospective candidate to Estonia, and with very little patience regarding the red tape it entails, going remote was the only real option.

“There is no babysitting. This makes my life as a team lead very efficient.”
Serge Herkül | CEO

After testing it on one team, we knew it was a perfect solution. The only thing we needed to figure out after that was our company culture: how could we make sure we hire the right people and keep them on board knowing remote settings could bring about the isolation and loneliness.

Happy People Work Better

Remote work and flexible schedules also give us a real opportunity to invest into the happiness and well-being of our staff. We make sure to meet up at least three times a year, offer professional growth and travel opportunities and make sure everyone’s work setting at home is up to a certain standard that would make them comfortable.

“I am more productive working remotely because of less meetings and office distractions.”
Mitchel Kelonye | Frontend Developer

Hire the Right People. And Do It Right.

It’s no secret a CV doesn’t really say anything about a person. So we decided to skip that step. Instead, we use short skill tests that would enable us to discover the best candidates without skimming through a pile of paper.

“I haven’t been in a traffic jam since 2012 and I don’t have to set my alarm clock in the mornings.”
Annika Helendi | Former CEO

Remote setting doesn’t suit everybody. Therefore, we always test the personality with an interview and test drive. Everyone gets an assignment and an opportunity to collaborate with at least one team member. That’s usually enough to see the the motivation and communication style.

Metrics make wonders

Everyone on the team gets a personal metric, but how they achieve it is completely up to them. We know that giving professional freedom does bring about creativity and ownership. Which, at least in our experience, equals in better quality.

“If you don't trust someone to work without looking over their shoulder remote won't work (but to be honest neither will it work in a conventional office).”
Serge Herkül | CEO

Job Listings

Frontend Developer (Remote)

We are looking for a Developer to join our Frontend team and help us build and maintain our client applications.

The ideal candidate should be experienced with ES6, Webpack, Git, and SASS. Knowledge of React, React Native and Chrome Extension Development is a plus.

The starting annual salary is 48.000 EUR.

As long as you can overlap for a few hours between 0700 - 1400h UTC, you can work from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection.

Backend Elixir Developer (Remote)

The ideal candidate should be experienced with Git, PostgreSQL, Linux and Elixir.

If you’re a developer with no Elixir experience, but are eager to learn it, we’d love to have you! And you can work from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection.

The starting annual salary is 50.000 EUR. Benefits include generous paid time off, an allowance for home office set-up, stipends for Internet and co-working space rental, travel for conferences, trainings and team meet-ups, and more.