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Happy people excel. From anywhere.

Teamweek helps people understand the current state of their resources and change their plans accordingly. We have high expectations for the future and we’re looking for ambitious team players to join our growing team. From anywhere.

“Remote work is the future, why not start now?”
Serge Herkül | CEO

How we work

Time has shown us that happy people produce the most efficient and creative results. So we offer flexibility, a results-driven working environment and opportunities for personal growth. We make sure to meet up and travel together, share experiences and grow everyone’s international network of friends.

“Our team is very friendly, band-like. We all play different instruments, so to say, but it sounds good in the end.”
Jozef Matas | Designer and Product Lead

Remote is not for everyone

We also know that not everyone is cut out for a remote setting. So we’re looking for people who are self-motivated and aren’t afraid to take chances. And although results matter, we also believe in making mistakes, failing fast and moving forward.

“Done is better than perfect.”
Annika Helendi | Former CEO

How we hire

We recruit using tests to make sure the applicants have the skills needed to perform the tasks they’re hired for. Then we interview and hold paid test drives for the culture fit and further understanding of the applicant’s technical abilities. We make sure everyone on the team can work independently and is able to focus on the task at hand without any excessive control or micro management.

“The best thing about leading a remote team is knowing that I have an independent and capable team who values the freedom of remote work as much as I do and that I can trust everyone.”
Annika Helendi | Former CEO

Job Listings

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