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Our Core Values

Company culture is something to be nourished in every remote setting. We set high standards and make sure everyone feels comfortable with each other, know what’s expected and what they can expect in return.

“It’s the first team I’ve worked in where I feel heard, appreciated and valued. And that’s because I’m allowed to use my creativity and judged by the outcome.”
Laura Noodapera | User Onboarding Manager

Trust and Transparency

Transparency is the key, both between team members and for us as a company towards a larger audience. Our roadmaps have always been public. And we regularly write about our business problems, goals and what we have achieved. We also believe it gives us as a team a solid foundation to be as open towards each other.

“Teamweek’s working culture is all about trusting people will own up and do their work on their own without the need of being micromanaged in any way.”
Nina Žderić | Support Manager

How we foster trust is rather simple: we provide enough face time to make sure we stay connected and make an effort to uphold those vibrant relationships through active communication in the meantime.

That creates an atmosphere where being open and honest about anything work-related, be it something joyful or a sudden obstacle, comes naturally. And this rational basis for emotional creatures fosters collaboration. It’s also a key in receiving and giving feedback that does apply in other settings than the remote one we work in.

“Self-driven people who are not afraid of neither feedback nor silence.”
Laura Noodapera | User Onboarding Manager


We all strive for the same thing: building the best product out there and promoting it. Therefore we keep our team closely connected and collaborative. Everyone can have ideas and pitch in whenever possible.

We all strive for the same thing: building the best product out there and promoting it. Therefore we keep our team closely connected and collaborative. Everyone can have ideas and pitch in whenever possible.
Annika Helendi | Former CEO

As our team is combined of people with different backgrounds and skill sets, we rely heavily on each-other’s communicating abilities. This also means developers need to be able to explain their ideas to people with no hands-on experience in tech and vice versa.

Being a good team player also means willingness to react fast, sometimes take up additional roles and execute whatever’s on the table. Setting deadlines, learning to evaluate the time needed for implementation and keeping one’s word all make a huge difference.

“Working in a multicultural team is a very meaningful experience. You certainly improve as a professional, but even more as a person.”
Iuri Madeira | Backend Developer

Simply put, it entails respect towards other team members and is a foundation in any relationship, professional or otherwise. Because, at least that’s what we’ve found out, our people often build personal bonds on top of the professional ones.

“Build friendly environment even if it’s online, when that is set, everything is so much easier.”
Nina Žderić | Support Manager

Efficiency, Autonomy and Responsibility

Why we’ve chosen the remote work setting for our team is partly to increase efficiency. And for that, we need our people to be independent, willing to explore and deliver.

Motivation is a key in that. And as we’ve discovered, motivation is best brought upon when letting people decide themselves how they work, what kind of schedule they use and which roads they’re going to take in reaching their goals.

“We’re a bunch of rockstars from 7 different nationalities building a slick product. No hierarchy and very high transparency. Kind hearted people who are just super fun to work and party with!”
Dhruv Parmar | Frontend Lead

To maximise the impact, our team launches fast and learns from the possible failures. The constant self analysis fosters personal growth as well as enables us to reach our goals fast and improve how we function as a business.

“The most shocking thing for me is how we recognize and compliment the work of others. I've never worked on a team with that culture before and I really can't emphasize how important I think this is. It really helps people stay motivated and fight the imposter syndrome.”
Iuri Madeira | Backend Developer

The biggest responsibility our team has is towards our users. We have set out to create the best tool on the market and do it efficiently, creatively and in uniform. That’s why we always make sure we’re as clear about our intentions as possible and communicate even the most unwelcome messages with integrity, honesty and kindness.


Constant Change

By launching and failing fast, we have embraced the fact that change is the only constant. We need to keep moving as a business to stay relevant, and developing as people to keep up with the ever-changing trends and standards in the tech industry.

By reacting fast and changing our course of action wherever the road may take us keeps the work challenging and interesting, people’s heads fresh and the business in ship shape.

“You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”
Nina Žderić | Support Manager

Job Listings

Frontend Developer (Remote)

We are looking for a Developer to join our Frontend team and help us build and maintain our client applications.

The ideal candidate should be experienced with ES6, Webpack, Git, and SASS. Knowledge of React, React Native and Chrome Extension Development is a plus.

The starting annual salary is 48.000 EUR.

As long as you can overlap for a few hours between 0700 - 1400h UTC, you can work from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection.

Backend Elixir Developer (Remote)

The ideal candidate should be experienced with Git, PostgreSQL, Linux and Elixir.

If you’re a developer with no Elixir experience, but are eager to learn it, we’d love to have you! And you can work from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection.

The starting annual salary is 50.000 EUR. Benefits include generous paid time off, an allowance for home office set-up, stipends for Internet and co-working space rental, travel for conferences, trainings and team meet-ups, and more.