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Teamweek is designed for easy forward planning, so you can have a visual overview of who’s doing what and when.

Groups view Mobile view

Get an overview at a glance.

Colour code everything to get an overview at a glance.

Edit and reorganise easily.

Plans change. React to change quicker with the simple drag and drop interface.

Never forget a deadline.

Plan around the most important deadlines to stay organised and never lose sight of them.

All together now

With Teamweek, you’ll always know what each team member is up to. Plus, you can share all project roadmaps with your clients and be sure to keep everyone up to date.

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  • Add & Change Tasks

    Make plans quickly and change them even faster.

  • Projects View

    Dividing a project into segments simplifies your planning process.

  • Groups View

    Flexible organization for your teams and projects.

  • Zoom Levels

    Zoom in to see the week at a glance or zoom out for a big picture view.

Teamweek groups view Teamweek timeline annual view Projects view in teamweek's timeline Zoom view in teamweek's timeline

It’s all about the overview

Teamweek gives you a beautifully simple overview of your company. Know what you’ve been doing and see what’s next.

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Teamweek checklists


Break your tasks down into smaller sub-tasks, then check each item off the list after it’s complete. This way you can be confident you’ve remembered everything.

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Sharing Timeline

Keep your clients informed by sharing the project roadmap with them.

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Teamweek checklists
Teamweek checklists


Use our Chrome and Mozilla extensions to import tasks from anywhere.

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Daily Overview

Our mobile app gives you a daily overview of each of your teammates’ workload, so you never have to wonder what they’re up to.

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