Project Management Software For Designers

Teamweek is a project management software used by thousands of designers from companies like Spotify, Sony, BuzzFeed or Microsoft. The minimalist design and the straightforward platform is making project management simpler and more enjoyable.

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Get a visual overview

Visualize your to-do list on a timeline and get a bird's eye view of your resources. Keep everyone in the loop and set expectations with your team for long and short term plans.

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Flexibility in planning

Plans change all the time, so it's important to be flexible when planning. We've made rescheduling and reassigning tasks extremely easy so you can adapt to the changes.

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Free for teams up to 5 and NGO's

We used to be a small team ourselves, so we know how important it is to cut costs when you are starting out. Teams up to 5 members and NGO's regardless of the size, get to use Teamweek for free, forever

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