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Running a restaurant is hard enough as it is without having to worry about what your staff is doing or if all the deliveries arrive on time. Teamweek is a free project planning tool for restaurant owners that will help you manage your staff without adding to your worries.

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Looking a project planning software for your restaurant but don’t know where to start? Look no further! If you have up to five team members, Teamweek is yours free. Among a host of other things, you can create multiple workspaces, work on multiple projects, and visually plan your team’s schedule on a timeline.

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You already have a full plate as it is, running a restaurant, that's why we want to help you by making Teamweek extremely easy to sign up for. Two minutes is all you need to get set up. As an administrator, you send out email invitations, and upon accepting, users can start setting their availability and plotting their personal schedules right away.

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24/7 Access Anywhere

Teamweek is a cloud-based application and, therefore, can be accessed via any web browser from any location in the world. We also built native Android and iOS apps for users who are always on the go. As long as you're connected to the internet, your schedules are right at your fingertips with Teamweek.

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Easy to use

Teamweek's is the easiest project planning for restaurant owners tool that works flawlessly on any devices. It provides all the relevant information you need at the tip of your fingers, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments with ease through our intuitive interface and simple to use drag and drop controls.

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It's the perfect balance of simple and detailed that matches our workflow exactly.
Abel, BannerBoy
We love Teamweek so much. Wish we could have known it sooner!
Phuong, Quo Global
Easy, simple, doing just what we need!
Remi, Telepage
Perfect to follow up how your dreams come true!
Emilia, Teamweek user
The only Calendar app to work so well with Trello!
Mette, Teamweek user
Thank you for making such a simple user interface! This is just what we need.
Lieve, Alpha Studios
I love your tool, its UX is exactly what I need.
Christen, Cape
I love Teamweek because it brings clarity to our every day agency life.
Enrico Sanchez | Project Manager @Fraktal

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Teamweek helps you understand your resources and manage them efficiently.

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