Resource Management Software

Teamweek is a free resource management software for HR managers and project managers. While most resource management software out there are complicated, difficult to use and understand, Teamweek has a straightforward design and offers a clutter-free interface.

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Highly versatile Resource Management Software

We make life easier for thousands of human resources managers, project managers, small business owners and other creative minds needing a better resource management software. Regardless of your industry, resource managements is easy using Teamweek.

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Easy to Use for Managers and Employees

If plans change, drag and drop everything to a different slot or a different employee. It's important to be flexible when planning, so we've perfected the rescheduling experience.

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Free for teams up to 5 or NGO's

Teamweek is, and will always be free for teams up to 5 people. It’s important to cut costs when you are starting out or when you are working by yourself. Also, all non-profits get full access to Teamweek for free regardless of the team size.

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