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Task management can be a tough job when working in a team. Who needs to do what and when? When are the deadlines? How do I know things are getting done? Teamweek can be an answer to all of those questions.

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Color Code Everything

Color coding your tasks and deadlines helps to give you an instant overview of what’s coming up in your schedule. Sort the colors by projects or clients and keep organised to never get overwhelmed again by the work piling up on your desk.

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Deadlines and More Deadlines

Deadlines are the most important thing while organising your tasks. You need to know when things are due, and you’re required to understand how much wiggle room there is. Because we all need our wiggle room. As a rule, we advise you to mark down the deadlines and plan around them. Because plans always change.

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Create Groups for an Easier Overview

Too many people you need to allocate tasks to? No worries, you can break the larger team down into segments and make sure no one will get overwhelmed.

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Free Resources Revealed

Marking tasks done will give you an exact understanding of what’s been done and what still needs your attention. Done tasks still appear on the timeline and that way you can make sure you know exactly where you are in the process.

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Communication is Key

Teamweek functions also as a communication tool. Without the need to talk things over multiple times, everything is accessible for every team member. You just need to keep your plans up to date.

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It's the perfect balance of simple and detailed that matches our workflow exactly.
Abel, BannerBoy
We love Teamweek so much. Wish we could have known it sooner!
Phuong, Quo Global
Easy, simple, doing just what we need!
Remi, Telepage
Perfect to follow up how your dreams come true!
Emilia, Teamweek user
The only Calendar app to work so well with Trello!
Mette, Teamweek user
Thank you for making such a simple user interface! This is just what we need.
Lieve, Alpha Studios
I love your tool, its UX is exactly what I need.
Christen, Cape
I love Teamweek because it brings clarity to our every day agency life.
Enrico Sanchez | Project Manager @Fraktal

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Teamweek helps you understand your resources and manage them efficiently.

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