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Beautifully Simple Task Management Tool

Teamweek helps you schedule tasks on your timeline and mark them done once you've finished. Our checklist feature will help you go more in-depth with your planning and make sure that all the steps of a task are completed. If plans change, just drag and drop the task to a different day or a different person.

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Trusted by great companies worldwide:

  • Airbnb
  • Netflix
  • Disney
  • Microsoft
  • The New York Times
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  • Stripe
  • National Geographic
  • Deloitte
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  • The Atlantic
  • Hello Fresh

Free Forever For Small Teams And Individuals

Our task planner will always be free for teams up to 5 people and NGOs. We support startups, small teams, and organizations fighting for a good cause. If you're an individual, you can use our task management system for free as well. Part of a bigger team? Don't worry, our advanced features, perks, and plans are super affordable and adaptable to your team size.

Free for teams up to 5 people

Maximize Your Productivity

Teamweek gives you a beautifully simple overview of your tasks. Know what you’ve been doing and see what’s next. Keep all your task management on a timeline so you will remember what needs to get done and when the deadline is. Get an overview of your task tracker at a glance by color coding projects, tasks or milestones.

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Tasks Manager App On The Go

Our free task manager app gives you a daily overview of each of your tasks and your teammates' tasks so you never have to wonder what they’re up to. Colorful timelines, ease of use, and organizational options make the Teamweek task management app a great option for any team.

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Online Task Manager Designed For Productivity

Go one step further with your planning and add your team to your online task manager app. It takes minutes to set up and get your team on board. If you want to share your schedule with your clients or get a sharable task tracker, you can simply generate a sharing URL.

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Watch how Terry Crews uses Teamweek to organise his daily habits & routines.