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Juggling personal tasks? Managing an entire team of professionals juggling several different tasks? Task management in this day and age can be tough if you're not using the right tools. Teamweek is a simple but powerful task manager tool that allows users and project managers to keep their to-dos under tight control. Teamweek workspaces ensure all related tasks and updates are in one place, available for authorized users to peruse on demand. And because Teamweek has dedicated iOS and Android apps for users to download on their mobile devices, you can rest assured that all task-related information is right at your fingertips.

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Multiple Tasks, Multiple Projects Under Control

Project managers handling simultaneous projects are always in danger of losing sight of important tasks - tasks that when left unattended can negatively impact an entire project. Teamweek ensures you stay on top of things through a color-coded task timeline that lets you know, at a glance, how tasks and projects are faring, and if you're on track to deliver on schedule.

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Unified Workspace for Teams

Is everyone on your team on the same page about deadlines and task dependencies? If not, Teamweek is worth a try. Even the free account lets you create multiple workspaces to share with the entire team. As a result, everything work-related is in one place. No more sorting through emails or chat threads to find what you're looking for. And no more inadvertently leaving somebody out of a conversation when sending updates or making important changes to task timelines.

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Save Time Using Shortcuts

We know that time is gold. Teamweek comes with built-in shortcuts and filters that keep users efficient and productive. Use keyboard shortcuts, enable notifications, use Project View to focus on a specific project, drag and drop to reorder tasks, and a whole lot more! Teamweek works hard to help you become better at managing your tasks. And if there's a feature you'd like added to its growing list of shortcuts, the Teamweek team is more than happy to hear what you have in mind.

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Third-Party Apps Integration for Smoother Data Sharing

Using tools like Trello, Basecamp, JIRA, or Toggl to keep you productive? Good news! Teamweek readily integrates with several different apps so you can quickly and painlessly import tasks and other data from your favorite tools. All you need is to set things up once, and Teamweek takes care of the rest.

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It's the perfect balance of simple and detailed that matches our workflow exactly.
Abel, BannerBoy
We love Teamweek so much. Wish we could have known it sooner!
Phuong, Quo Global
Easy, simple, doing just what we need!
Remi, Telepage
Perfect to follow up how your dreams come true!
Emilia, Teamweek user
The only Calendar app to work so well with Trello!
Mette, Teamweek user
Thank you for making such a simple user interface! This is just what we need.
Lieve, Alpha Studios
I love your tool, its UX is exactly what I need.
Christen, Cape
I love Teamweek because it brings clarity to our every day agency life.
Enrico Sanchez | Project Manager @Fraktal

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